Lamb Dishes

All the lamb dishes can be adjusted to mild, medium or hot to suit your taste

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Gosth Kata Masala

Lamb braised golden brown with chopped onions, sliced ginger, a touch of garlic & mild garam masala
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Rogan Josh

Pieces of lamb cooked with medium hot spices and green herbs in a tomato based sauce
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Gosth Karai

Flavoured with green peppers and spices. Garnished with fresh coriander
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Gosth Bhoona

Lamb cooked in medium hot spices
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Bagari Gosth

A Hyderabadi recipe with lamb cooked in a specially made spice and fairly hot fresh coriander.
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Lamb cooked with green olives and lime juice, low in fat
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Naga Gosth

Lamb cooked with fresh green herbs and succulent naga chillies. A hot dish.
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