Freshly prepared appetisers

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Aloo Moti Tikka

Spicy potatoes deep fried
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Cashewnut Rolls

Mashed potatoes and vegetables rolled in cashew nuts and fried till golden
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Chicken Tikka

Tender chicken marinated in spices with mint, garlic and ginger, then grilled in tandoor
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Grilled Scallops

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Vegetable pakora, chicken tikka, sheek kebab, paneer tikka and vegetable samosa
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King Prawn Butterfly

King prawn lightly spiced and cooked with golden breadcrumb
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King Prawn Puree

King prawns lightly spiced and cooked with pineapple and served with puree
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Lacy Cutlets

Cutlets in India are patties made from minced lamb and were popular dishes that Indian cooks made for their European masters
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Lamb Tikka

Pieces of lamb marinated in spices with mint, garlic and ginger, then grilled in tandoor
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Meat Samosa

Bite-size meat samosa
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Murgh Chat Masala

Chicken lightly coated with fresh coriander, cucumber, tomatoes and green pepper. A sharp tangy taste
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Onion Bhajee

Onion pieces coated with beson flour and egg-based batter, then deep fried
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Paneer Tikka

Indian cheese coated in spices, then grilled in tandoor.
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Queen Prawn

Potato flour, onion, garlic, wheat flour, white pepper shrimp paste
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Salmon Samosa

Bite-size salmon bori crispy samosa. Boris are a Muslim community from Bombay and their samosas are a specialty.
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Stuffed Mushroom

Fresh mushroom stuffed with minced lamb and fried in butter
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Vegetable Samosa

Bite-size fresh vegetable samosa
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